Common Core State Standards

Materials Needed to Implement Common Core Standards

Information and resources on what materials are needed to implement the Common Core Standards. (pd with the shifts)

Learn (to own) the standards, by "re-naming" them, for example, in your own words: pd resources for ELA and Math.

Webb's Depth of Knowledge

Chart with verbs for depth of knowledge desired in a lesson. Where will your lessons with Common Core Standards reside?

Broward County Schools

Designing deeper lessons based on Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge, using web-based 2.0 tools.

Web Tools

Match learning objectives with appropriate web 2.0 tools.

Learning 360 Framework

Slideshow about diverse formative assessments to measure students progress.

Achieve the Core (close reading)

Exemplar lessons employing close reading and evidence for ELA and Social Studies (may be used as exemplars for other disciplines).


Common Core-based lessons on-line for teachers to use in the classroom.

The Teaching Channel

Developing bank of classroom video tapes of common core lessons.

NCTM Implementation Materials

From "priority actions" to implementation video presentations by grade level, NCTM offers materials for support.

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Comprehensive "toolkit" to align CCSS with content.

NCTE Publications and Support

Each book reinforces a focus on student learning by demonstrating ways of addressing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) while also adhering to NCTE principles of effective teaching.


Art-aligned Curriculum Map

Published by, an excellent resource aligning ELA standards with specific pieces of art. (text-dependent)

Learn about text dependent questions (part of the major shifts)and how to construct them.

Library of Congress: Primary Sources

Research and current thinking about using primary (narrative and non-narrative non-fiction) sources.

ASCD (K-6 close reading)

Discusses a definition of close reading and examines working with the skill on an elementary school level.


Model Course Pathways for Math, Published by CCSS and

For how the high school CCSS might be organized into courses that provide a strong foundation for post-secondary success, (scroll to the bottom for "Mathematics Appendix A).

Illustrative Math

Outstanding and useful website that features samples of math tasks aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

Social Studies-Specific

National Council for the Social Studies

Article examining a sample profile for applying social studies state standards; look especially at figure at the bottom of the document, page 7 for a helpful chart.

Achieve the Core (rethinking Social Studies)

David Reisenfeld's video about how the CCSS prompted him to rethink his teaching of Social Studies (scroll to the bottom).

Georgia Historical Society

In creating the Juliette Gordon Low Curriculum material, the Georgia Historical Society hopes to introduce students to use the life of Juliette Gordon Low, to increase student understanding of Georgia and American history, to improve student literacy through the reading and interpreting of primary and secondary sources, and to create interest and curiosity around the study of history

North Carolina's State Site on Common Core Implementation

Detailed site, including a glossary of terms, an unpacking of standards, and graphic organizers, for all disciplines.

New York's State Site on Common Core Implementation

Detailed site including documents, curriculum maps, and learning and opportunities.

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