No Cost Shift

Connecticut Residents Support a Budget that Works for All of Us, Invests in Public Schools


Tell them to protect the priorities of the people who elected them and create a budget that works for all of us, including children, families, and seniors.

Parents from across the state are outraged over plans by the governor and some legislators to balance the state budget on the backs of their children. They are deeply concerned about the short-and long-term consequences of proposals that will cut precious school funding and raise property taxes in their cities and towns.

Proposals currently being considered to shift the cost of teacher retirement to cities and towns would mean less money for schools, cuts in programs and resources, and higher taxes for already strapped property taxpayers.

We need a budget that works for all of us. Improving Connecticut's future means investing in public schools and creating a new, fairer tax system that keeps taxes low for the middle class and asks corporations and the wealthy to pay their fair share.


Parents criticize the governor and some legislators for their plans to balance the budget on the backs of their children and teachers, in CEA's newest TV ad airing tomorrow. Watch the ad and hear one young boy school Connecticut's politicians.

Voters Oppose Cost Shift Plan, Raising Property Taxes

New survey highlights the need for the state to pay its own bills, not force them onto the backs of local property taxpayers.

An Open Letter to State Legislators

A coalition of education and municipal associations is urging legislators to reject any push to balance the state budget by shifting costs to cities and towns. Read the open letter to legislators.

Coalition News Conference

A coalition of eight education and town associations held a news conference to oppose the cost shift plan that would increase property taxes and cut needed town services for Connecticut residents, whose property tax rates are already among the highest in the country.

Legislators Speak at Coalition News Conference

Senator Beth Bye, along with fellow lawmakers Rep. Derek Slap and Rep. Joseph Verrengia, reiterated concerns that a cost shift would be extremely damaging to cities and towns and their public education systems.

Coalition Partners Speak Out

Members of a coalition that represents education groups as well as towns and cities spoke out about how the cost shift proposal would impact local taxpayers and Connecticut's future.

Voters Oppose Cost Shift Plan

More than two-thirds of voters (69 percent) want their legislators to vote against any plan that shifts costs from the state to cities and towns.

Voters Against Raising Property Taxes

More than 7 in 10 voters (72 percent) oppose balancing the budget by using local property taxes, as opposed to state funds, to cover the teacher retirement plan.

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